Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is a simple exercise which you have to do for passing your driving test in Brooklyn and New York. With parallel parking you park your car between two cars which were parked on the side before. Best distance between your car and others between which you are going to park is around two feet.

Parallel Parking Techniques

  1. Turn on your right signal
  2. Stop your car 2 feet beside car you going to use for parking. Your back wheels should be in front of her rear bumper.
  3. Look back through your rear window, turn your steering wheel fully to the right, turn on Reverse mode and start moving slowly.
  4. When your front seats reach the car's bumper, turn your steering wheel to the left 1.5 times and move backward a little bit (around 1 feet).
  5. Turn your steering wheel fully to the left and finish your parking.
  6. Make fully stop, turn Drive mode and move forward for a little to make other cars to drive out easier.
  7. Make fully stop and turn Parking mode.

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parallel parking scheme

parallel parking