5 Hour Class: Pre-licensing DMV (MV-278)

5 Hour Class in US Mule Driving School is DMV authorized and cheap for new drivers. As you may already know, you are not able to get your first road test appointment until you get the MV 278 5 hr class. As soon as you get your learners permit, everything you need is contact our driving school and ask to register you on 5 hour class Brooklyn. Unfortunately, you are not able to become a New York driver without the 5 hour pre licensing course. You have to get learning permit, listen 5 hour class and get an road test appointment to pass your driving test. Pre licensing course helps people to become a safe and professional driver, what is really important or the road.

On the 5 hr class you will:

  1. Learn how to become a safe driver and understand responsibilities to other people and yourself on the road;
  2. Understand the "rules-of-the-road" and regulations;
  3. Learn how to use safe driving elements and crash avoidance techniques;
  4. Understand why it is necessary to use occupant protection devices to protect themselves and their passengers from possible injuries;
  5. Recognize the risk of driving when sleepy (fatigued) or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs;
    And more other useful and important things.

When you complete 5 hour pre licensing course, instructor will give you MV-278 Certificate. MV-278 certificate allow to schedule an appointment for the driving road test, after which you will get you driving license of New York.



5 hour class