Defensive Driving Course

What is defensive driving course? Not that much people in Brooklyn know about the defensive driving class. Many people consider themselves as a professional drivers, however, that is not always the case. Drivers who have driven for over thirty years still make mistakes. Therefore, it is important to refresh your driving knowledge every few years by visiting driving school for getting the defensive driving course.

Defensive driving courses can provide many benefits, such as:

  • Many car insurance companies will give discounts for drivers who successfully complete a defensive driving course. (Talk to your car insurance agent to see if this discount is available to you. Many insurance companies provide a 10% discount on your car insurance plan for up to three years);
  • New York State offers point reduction incentives on your driver’s license following the completion of a defensive driving course;
  • Learn safe and accident free driving techniques;
  • Learn how to handle road rage and speeding;
  • Improve driving techniques for bad weather and adverse conditions;
  • Improve skills in highway driving, night driving, and extreme weather driving;
  • Prepare students to handle safety issues and teach emergency actions;
  • Defensive driving classes instill responsibility and respect in drivers;
  • Most importantly the defensive driving classes will improve general driving skills, reiterate driving laws and rules.

    You are welcome to contact out US Mule Driving School in case to register for having a defensive driving course in Brooklyn.



defensive driving course