Drive Safe

  1. Before winter comes and temperature outside will become way lower, do a full inspection of your car.
  2. Make your seat in right position. Lots of drivers like to either seat way too far from the steering wheel or way too close to it. That's a big mistake!
  3. If you first time going to drive a car which you did not before, just check gas and break to feel it.
  4. If your car start acting strange, lose accelerator and slow down. Keep in mind that safe driving - slow driving.
  5. Be careful driving in rain weather. When car suddenly hits a puddle, it will lose control on the road.
  6. If you made a unsuccessful overtaking through oncoming traffic lane and can't finish it, just move closer to the cars from your line so much as you can and turn the right signal
  7. Never stop on the road with wheels which faced to the oncoming traffic lane, always keep it forward.
  8. When you make a turn, always keep inside of your line, even if nobody in on the road near you.
  9. Don't stop right before the stop line or car in front of you, start making your stop in advance by pushing the break slowly until it makes full stop.
  10. Never forget about blind spots, sometimes you are not able to see a CDL Trailer Truck near you.
  11. Always try to predict movements by other cars, to prevent an accident.
  12. Let the right of way to the crazy people, don't risk.

drive safe