Highway Driving

Highway driving is very important part of driver's life, and our driving school provides some cheap driving lessons with instructor to feel the road and get better behind the steering wheel. Here is top 5 tips for highway driving on a car from DMV authorized US Mule Driving School.

  1. When you enter the highway road, don't rush to speed up. High speed feels more better when you get used to it.
  2. If somebody overtake you, don't be shy and let him finish his move, just take right a little bit so it will give him some space.
  3. When you going to make an overtake, would be good if you prepare a little bit before it. Do a little math in your mind to realize, if you have enough time to finish the move
  4. (don't forget about the speed of upcoming car from opposite lane). If you are ensure that the overtake will be safe, than do it. You suppose keep distance of 200 feet between your car and a car which you going to overtake.
  5. Don't do overtakes when you are not able to see opposite traffic lane, it may cause an accident even before you start doing the overtake.
  6. Watch out dirty tracks from CDL vehicle, one wrong steering wheel movement and your car may lose control and get you and accident on the road.


highway driving