3 Point Turn

To pass your driving test on DMV's exam, you will have to do a pretty simple and interesting movement which called 3 point turn (also known as "broken K turn"). All of our driving school students understand the basics of the three point turn on their first cheap driving lesson in Brooklyn. Our driving instructors are always more than welcome to share easy tips to understand the technique of U turn.
Most of DMV examiners in New York and Brooklyn used to ask to do the 3 point turn right after your parallel parking. So be ready for that!

For U turn:

  1. 1. Turn the signal light, so other driver may know you are about to do a turn.
  2. 2. Turn your steering wheel completely to the left positing and keep moving forward until your car will cross the middle line which separates two road lanes.
  3. 3. Turn your wheel completely to the right position, and start moving back, using a backward gear on your car.
  4. 4. Move slowly until you have enough space to finish the 3 point turn.
  5. 5. Use forward gear to ride straight to the lane and keep moving on it.

The 3 point turn is pretty simple to do, so don't worry really much about it, our driving instructors will do their best to help you prepare for the DMV driving exam.


3 point turn