Changing Lanes

Our US Mule Driving School created a small article for new drivers, who just started operating a car. We also provide cheap driving lessons in Brooklyn to practice your driving skills on the road. Well, let's begin with our tips for changing lanes on car:

  • First of all you need to speed up and reach the speed of lane you're about to enter.
  • Don't forget to turn on right signal, so people know you are doing the movement.
  • Always check mirrors and turn your head to make sure there is nobody in the blind spots, it's really important.
  • Start you move only when you are 100% sure it is safe and nobody will ruin your plans.
  • After you finish changing the lane, don't forget to turn off the signal.

If you're about to change the lane, checked the mirrors and saw somebody moving faster than needed, don't risk and let him right of way, you can change the lane right after him without making accident situation.
The lane which is to the right of you always has right of way, but sometimes people don't want to let you change the line in front of them, so be aware and make sure you have enough space to finish the movement.

changing lanes on car