Car Driving Lessons

Have you ever tried car driving lessons? Well, everyone would like to become a driver nowadays, isn't that right? People like freedom, freedom of movements and that's fair enough. Being mobile in New York City is very important, especially when you live in Brooklyn. No matter if you already have New York Learner Permit for Class D, we still will give you all information and practical skills you need to get your New York Driver License. Our US Mule Driving School will give you not just affordable cheap lessons behind the wheel, but teach you with new and modern techniques and equipment. Our driving instructors have brand new cars which are easy to be driven by new drivers.

Our driving school instructors follow new DMV's requirements and upgrade not only driving skills, but new teaching methods as well. It's helping us to transfer our experience to you more successfully. You will learn faster, for short time period how to drive a car. Will get knowledge of how to do parallel parking, three-point turn and basic driving control. We also provide lessons not just for people who want to become a driver, but for those who wants to get driver license and didn’t have any driving practice. Our goal is helping people who are afraid of speed, driving around others cars and of course being driving on highways. You are welcome to choose any of our driving lessons packages below.



car driving lessons

Car Driving Lessons Price


SINGLE LESSON (45 min.)$55
10 LESSONS$475
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