Learners Permit

Learners Permit is required when you are going to get your first driving lesson in driving school in Brooklyn. First you should do is preparing yourself for the written test in DMV office in case to take your first exam. You are good to use our US Mule Driving School website to practice for the DMV writing exam. Go to our Practice page and get your written exam dmv practice and get so much points as you can. You will have 46 questions on written the exam, to get your learners permit you will have to answer at least on 38 on them correctly.

No cell phones, peppers or other stuff allowed on the exam, no cheating! There are cameras in the class and an observer who watch for everything. Before you take your first driving lesson you should get the MV-278 Certificate (also called 5 hour class for DMV). As soon as you get it, you ready to take first driving test in school. Feel free to contact our driving school for cheap lessons and other assistance.

learners permit