Vehicle Control

When you take the CDL Trailer Truck test in New York Brooklyn, either A or B class, the applicant has to pass three types of test. Our  DMV accredited US Mule Driving School will prepare you for all tests to make it easier and smoothly for you. We committed that our school is the best and cheap among other driving schools in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and even Manhattan. The tests you will examined for: Pre Trip Inspection, Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test, On-road driving test.

Vehicle Control test on CDL trailer truck includes:

  1. Straight Line Backing;
  2. Offset back/right or left;
  3. Parallel parking;

The examiner will be watching you and give you scores for all your actions behind the wheel.
These exercises help you to learn how to control vehicle while you're backing.

  1. Crossing Boundaries
  2. Pull-Ups
  3. Outside Vehicle Observations
  4. Final Position

Straight Line Backing: an applicant have to drive strait back between cones and do not hit any of them.

Offset Back/Right: vehicle should stay in left lane and operator should move to the right lane without hitting any cones. Each movements with changing directions counts as pull-ups.
Same Way Offset backing/left: vehicle in the right line should move to the left on.

Parallel parking: you have to park your trailer truck into a parking space between cones. The driver can not hit the cones or change his moves to get in a right place. You should do it with a first try.
Each of this steps you have to do as the examiner says, otherwise you will fail the test.

After you finish with your exam, you have to place your steering wheel straight, apply brakes and use signal horn, so the examiner would know that you are finished.

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vehicle control