City Driving Trailer Truck

City driving trailer truck as a part of your driving license. While exam in DMV you will have to pass on road driving test, which includes 2 parts. It will be trained in our the best driving school cheap and easy:

  1. City Driving Trailer Truck
  2. Driving highway

Examiner will get you scores of your driving skills according on this list:

  1. Start/Stop
  2. Signals
  3. Gears
  4. Mirrors
  5. Lanes
  6. Intersections
  7. Bridge/Overpass
  8. Sign

Start your exam as soon as your examiner tell you to do so. You should push clutch and get the first gear to stop your ride. Next step release parking brakes, turn off four-way flashers and turn on signal which way you are going to pull out. Don't forget to check the mirrors, just give some time to your examiner, so he can notice you checking the mirrors. After your make sure there are no cars behind you - you are good to go.

Follow instructions your examiner gives you, he will tell everything, so you shouldn't worry about that. On CDL truck driving test you should stay in your lane, without touching other lanes beside you to pass the test.
If you approach traffic light or stop sign, you have to stop right before the stop line, don't forget that. You suppose to see the stop line in front of your hood and we teach that in our driving school.

When you make turns on intersections, you have to change properly gear and do the turn without stopping. Check mirror while you make turns to make sure you wouldn't hit curb or lane.
As soon as you approach a bridge or overpass, you have to understand height and weight of your vehicle and object you about to drive through. Also, don't forget to check warning signs.

When the examiner asks to pull-over, you have to pull-over safely using signals. Use parking brakes and get your gear in neutral position and use the four-way flashers.
That's it, just wait for examiner's instructions. Our CDL Driving School will help you to prepare for the CDL truck driving exam and make it smother for you.

city driving trailer truck