While overpass bridges on trailer truck, drivers should pay attention on all details while they are driving, especially on road signs. We teach that aspects in our cdl driving school with driving lessons. Actually, all of the signs are important, but in this article we will talk about bridge and overpass signs. CDL trailer truck drivers should know the height and weight of their vehicles. Trailers usually have height 13'6'', bobtail has the same size or even less.

As soon as you approach a bridge, you will find out a sign which says the height of the bridge, but sometimes they don't. If there is no sign about the height of the bridge, than it suppose to be more than 14'. Most of truck drivers don't like to drive in New York City or Brooklyn, because sometimes height of bridges are incorrect and driver can get into problems.
Overpass is much easier, tho. If there is no posted sign, than you are good to go, until you have overweight.

Every time you have overweight, you have to make sure the bridge will handle the overpass. Also, be careful if you have overweight on any axle, it can be a problem not only with overpass, but with Weight Station as well. To avoid any accidents, you have to check your weight and adjust it for scales near you. Our CDL school will help you to understand this principles to avoid any problems on the read.