Become Truck Driver

Become truck driver, nowadays it's a very popular query. Everyone would like to try, since it's a really good opportunity to build you career. High Average Salary, Insurance, Benefits and so on, that's all you get as a truck driver.

To get your CDL Commercial Driving License and become truck driver you should learn some aspects in case to pass the test. CDL road test include 3 parts:

  • Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Test;
  • On Road Driving Test: Driving in City and Highway;
  • Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test: Straight Line Backing, Parallel Park;

To become tuck driver, the first thing you need is the regular driver license (Class D) and be 21 years old. When you are ready, you are good to take writing test in DMV.
Writing test for CDL Trailer Truck is not that hard how it can appear at first sight.
The test contains general knowledge of 50 questions, Air Brake 25 questions and Combination 20 questions for trailer truck. You have to answer correctly at least on 80% questions to pass the test. DMV clerk will give you Learning Permit for CDL Commercial Driver's License (Class A). You will be offered to pat for road test on trailer truck to get your CDL License, the fee is $40. Without Road Test fee you won't be able to make your appointment for taking a road test. You can ask our US Mule CDL Driving School to schedule your appointment for the road test, or you can you can do it by yourself on Department of Motor Vehicles Website. As soon as you get your Learning Permit by mail, you are good to take some cdl driving lessons. Our school offers great Driving Lessons Packages, which you can check here.

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become truck driver